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"It's just like the movies"

August 10, 2010

I wish I could spend at least one day looking through the eyes of one of our Slovene students as they experience the States. We’ve been in NYC, DC and are currently in Nashville. When we’ve asked for their favorite thing that has happened they usually list off three or four things, one of them dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square.

It’s been fun to see them take pictures of the Taxi’s in NYC, yellow school buses, Starbucks, Yankees game and so many things they’ve only heard about. Yesterday we went to the Pancake Pantry in Nashville and you should have seen Andreja light up when she heard she will get free refills on coffee. Her exact words, “I just got a refill…it’s just like the movies.”

This has been not only a trip of a lifetime for them but also for Johnny, Kinsley and me. We’ve seen amazing things, experienced unbelievable hospitality from strangers and also see God reaching our students in deeper ways (of course Kinsley has slept through most of it). We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share this experience and to make memories we will never forget.

P.S. The girls can’t wait to shop at Target today!!!

Here are a few pictures of our time so far.







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  1. James Peterson permalink
    August 18, 2010 9:53 pm

    hey johnny, if you are coming through atlanta, let me know, i can take you to the air plane museum here just south of macon georgia, it’s on your way to orlando. enjoy your trip! 478-225-7585

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